• Building relationships with Investors and Investment Funds are a continuous process. Karis Investments is fortunate to be exposed to various investor groups. The appetite and preference of these Investors and Funds can change based on macro and micro-economic circumstances. As a team, we focus on long-term relationships build on trust, to be able to stay close to their specific requirements.

  • These Funds, whether private or public, have a continuous need for new investments and we will introduce any opportunities as per our mandate after screening. As the structure and amount of financial deals could have a material impact on required yields, commission is negotiated and agreed upon on a deal by deal basis.

  • With a focus on the yield of the opportunity rather than the size of the investment amount, opportunities range from a couple of million rand to a few billion rand. These offerings cover various industries and assets both locally and internationally:

  • Retail: buying and selling of shopping centres and mall’s

  • Commercial: ranging from high yield office blocks, right through to fuel stations, wine-farms etc.

  • Mining: The portfolio of mines includes Gold-, Platinum-, Diamond-, Chrome-, Coal-, Manganese, Iron- and Copper mines throughout Africa

  • Hospitality: A range of Hotels, Guest Houses and Lodges are available

  • Industrial: Logistical hubs, Factories etc. ranging from turnkey projects to yield bearing facilities

  • Residential: a portfolio of yield bearing residential opportunities including Student accommodation, Residential blocks etc.

  • Equity: Development joint ventures, equity investment opportunities both short and medium term

Enquiries: info@karisinvestments.com

Pieter: 082468 4748

Chris  : 083894 9697